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HC Behm, limited edition of 100 prints signed by Alexandra Morton to promote awareness and fundraise to preserve our wild salmon.

 With the multiple layers of emboss and the use of interference colors,this print has a remarkable way of showing you something different everytime you look at it from another angle

 Salmon are Sacred

This original four colour and emboss print depicts the life cycle of the Sockeye Salmon from eggs to the young fry swimming down river to the Pacific Ocean. They will, hopefully, return 3 years later as mature sleek blue-silver swimmers, only to change as they enter the fresh water on their journey back to their spawning grounds. As the salmon’s body colour changes to a bright orange and a green head, the back develops a hump and the nose a hook.

As the fry swim past the open pens of the fish farms, it appears that they are beset by sea lice, which stunt their growth, make them weak and an easy prey for their predators, a life journey, which they don’t complete.

Alexandra Morton, Ph.D. has identified the problem and is working to solve it. At the same time she is researching a new danger to fish, the ISA virus. All her work is a private initiative supported by volunteers and donations and by email she corresponds with about 20,000 people (gorbuscha@gmail.com).


This limited, signed (by Alexandra Morton) edition of 100 prints by HC Behm is offered as a fundraiser towards her efforts. The price per copy is $500.00 including, taxes, shipping and handling. For further information please inquire via email to hcbehm@shaw.ca .


 Please contact Hans Behm directly as Stands Tall Creations is just promoting this and we are not making direct sales. Thank you.