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This video was made back in 2008 when I first started out in a little studio above the flower shop in Artisan Square. Bowen TV creator and kind hearted, George Zawadzki did a great job putting this together for me. Thanks George!


In February of 2010 Shane Tweten and Simon Daniel James began work on a sculpture, paid for by the Canadian Heritage Association and commissioned by the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce. The statue was to commemorate the spirit that the Olympic torch brought with it when it passed through Bowen Island. Through the sculpture Simon and Shane saw this as an opportunity to showcase the spirit in which a diverse community can exist as one through struggle and compromise. This artwork entwined two separate cultures on a single piece of art and through synergy has become a symbol of an embracing attitude we feel towards others. Though struggling to coexist in one place the characters accommodate one another in a blending of balance and harmony creating beauty in itself.

The dragon laced with Celtic knot work signifies Shane’s Norwegian and Celtic Heritage and Simon has blended the traditional teachings of the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw with a contemporary form line and overall design. This blending of the Kwakwa̱ka̱'wakw Sisiult and the Celtic Dragon is unique and stands alone in pioneering  the unexplored regions of blending arts from culture, from two separate artists. The two wood carving and painting styles differentiate from one another yet compliment each other in mix of texture and brush stroke

“We were honored and privileged as artists and Bowen Islanders to have had the opportunity to be able to create a public art installation that will last generations and beautify Bowen Island. We both have a deep emotional attachment to Bowen and the people who live here and feel excited to be able to give something back to the people and to Bowen Island.”

Since putting money back into your local economy is important, we used all Bowen Island businesses and services to make this a true “Bowen Island” made sculpture.

We’d like to thank all the people and businesses who contributed and donated their time, services and products, and really, we couldn’t have done it without you!

The Goumeniok family, Black Bear Trucking, Blomberg Bros. Roofing , Bowen Island Properties, Uncle Mark, Bowen Island Irly,  Metro Blasting, Frank Seaberley

 The Cedar Stories Panel Project was a collaboration of efforts between myself (Shane Tweten), Winadzi James, and all the children from kindergarten to grade 5. In Febuary 2011 we first talked with the kids about ideas and images that we could put on the carving. Then over the course of four weeks, every Friday we would carve with the kids. Winadzi and I took the panels back to the studio for a final paint job and later revealed them to the kids.

 A Big “Thank-You” From SHAMON Studio and Gallery

   What a great experience it was to work with all of you kids from BICS on the Cedar Stories Panel Project! We want to thank you for being so enthusiastic and thoughtful in contributing to this carving project. You have truly been a part of a community effort that will be enjoyed at BICS now and for years to come. Your names are signed on the back because you are the true artists.

Thanks to The Community School Association and PAC, The Spirit of Bowen Committee, The Stories of Bowen Community Literacy Project, the Bowen Island Chamber of Commerce, West Vancouver School District 45, Art Starts Funding and the BICS PAC CE Committee for providing the funding to make this all happen.

Thanks to Principal Jennifer Pardee and all of the staff at BICS for having the faith and trust in us to put sharp knives in the hands of your kids and to our success, not one Band-Aid was used in this project!

Our special thanks to BICS Community School Coordinator, Sarah Haxby for all of the hard work, organization and attention to detail in the project from start to finish. You are an amazing asset to this community through your professionalism and devotion and a role model for all of us with your enthusiasm. Today was another fine example of the much needed role you continue to play in our community.

Thank you,

Shane Tweten and Winadzi James


 The Spectator

On June 1, three new works of art were celebrated, honoured and unveiled at Bowen Island Community School including  “The Spectator,” a large eagle sculpture near the turf field that was carved from one of the cedar trees removed during the field installation in 2008.

This public artwork was conceived and commissioned by Stacy Beamer. The creation of the work, its base, and the installation were funded by the Beamer-Isaak family.

Shane Tweten, who is trained in Celtic and native carving, volunteered much of his time and energy to carve the eagle at the top of the sky-high pole. This watchful carving represents a healing peace between the land and the cedar trees that were removed in order to create the turf field. It will remain as an enduring symbol of creativity and vision in the community.

Bowen Island Community School

When I was approached by the Beamer-Isaac family to do the sculpture for BICS I was delighted. Here was my chance to give back yet again to the place and community I love so much. This project was born from the developement of an artificial turf field that had to have some trees removed in order to accomodate the field. There was much division of ideas surrounding the artificial turf field and it seemed like a bit of harmony was lost on Bowen.

The idea for the carving to be an eagle came to me because I felt like I was neutral in the whole uproar about the turf field and was just a spectator. I don't play soccer/football and I cut trees down for a living so I really didn't have a strong opinion on either side. I use the analogy of when an eagle lands atop a tree and just watches the world below; this is how I felt.

This sculpture was meant to heal the rift between both sides through the beauty of art and symbolism. I wanted to make him look tough as well, with a representation of stature and power to protect all the children that play on the field. Thus he became the Spectator.

Shane Tweten


Tyler Wallace


Bowen Island personality, Tyler Wallce  shares his passion and artwork in this brief video, made by BowenTV's George Zawadzki. Tyler's watercolors are truly amazing and capture that perfect "Bowen Moment". 

Links      Sol Maya and Gwen Poole, Solart Glass Studio   Robert Barratt, Alder Arts Tyler Wallace, watercolor painter Joy Taylor, oil painter

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