Artist Biography

 Born and raised in British Columbia, Shane Tweten currently resides on Bowen Island, with his wife Julia and their twin daughters Piper and Paige. He owns and operates a small tree and landscape business as well as making a name in the art world.

Working as an arborist has led him to a passion for woodcarving, self taught at carving with a chainsaw and then working with First Nations wood carvers. Shane is an emerging artist that continues to carve with passion and exploration, and feels that carving is a way to pay homage or tribute to cultures, heritage, environment and art itself.

 He applies his knowledge to his style and has most recently introduced elements of his own Irish, Scottish and Norwegian decent and feel the Celtic mythology and legends hold such a vast, almost unexplored possibilities when applied to wood carving. Shane believes that there are no boundaries in woodcarving art; that the forms and faces are already present in the wood just waiting to be found.